Sustainable Facilities
& Infrastructure Lab
Myers-Lawson School of Construction • Virginia Tech



We are the Sustainable Facilities & Infrastructure Lab at Virginia Tech - a team of faculty, students, and external partners who work together to invent a sustainable future through innovation in the built environment. Founded in 2006, the SFI Lab operates under the direction of Dr. Annie Pearce, an Associate Professor in the Department of Building Construction and the Myers-Lawson School of Construction.

  1. Our PEOPLE include current students studying sustainable construction at Virginia Tech, faculty at Virginia Tech and other universities, our graduates, and external partners and sponsors in the U.S. and abroad.

  2. Our PROGRAMS include graduate, undergraduate, and post-graduate professional courses in the domain of sustainable facilities and infrastructure systems. We also offer technical assistance, facilitation, outreach, and consulting to partners inside and outside our university as they seek to solve their sustainability-related problems.

  3. Our PROJECTS involve local communities, federal and state agencies, private firms in the Architecture/Engineering/Construction industry, and other stakeholders who serve or are served by the built environment. They include both faculty- and student-initiated projects and target multiple sectors of the construction industry across the whole project life cycle.

  4. Our PRODUCTS communicate the results of our work and serve as useful tools for stakeholders trying to implement sustainability in practice. They include books and other publications, web tools, and student project reports, theses, and dissertations.

We welcome you to explore our site and learn more about the SFI Lab and its work. Click on any of the links to begin.