Sustainable Facilities
& Infrastructure Lab

Myers-Lawson School of Construction • Virginia Tech


The OUTREACH PROGRAMS offered by the SFI Lab focus on providing technical assistance, facilitation, and consulting to partners inside and outside our university as they seek to solve their sustainability-related problems. Click on the links to the left to learn more.


Featured Outreach Opportunity:
Sustainable Research Camp in Mongolia

The Fall 2011 class of students taking BC 5144 completed a record fourteen different field trips to regional infrastructure facilities over four days throughout the semester, ranging from a coal-fired power plant and hydroelectric power plant, to a mountaintop removal site, urban gardens, recycling separation facility, and server farm.  Students also heard from guest lecturers on topics ranging from the use of plants in the built environment to cloud computing, and they each completed their own design project for local infrastructure improvement and presented a proposal to a mock planning commission/city council.

Right: Students visit a multi-
story Walmart constructed as
part of an urban renewal effort
in Grundy, VA. Parts of Grundy
were relocated to higher ground
after severe flooding damaged
the town in a series of nine
major floods.