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Information for Prospective Partners from External Organizations

If your company or organization is interested in research, education, or outreach related to sustainable facilities and infrastructure systems, then we welcome you to affiliate with our lab and join us in future projects. The Sustainable Facilities & Infrastructure Lab is a core group of faculty, students, and external partners who work together to invent a more sustainable future through built environment innovation. If you’d like to join us, please read on to explore the opportunities.

To become an industry partner or sponsor of our SLICES Industry Benchmarking Program that employs student interns working in the field to collect and analyze data about industry best practices, visit:

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To learn more about research and outreach opportunities and current projects going on in the SFI Lab or to propose a project on which the SFI Lab can help you, visit:

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To see examples of what we’ve done for other external organizations, visit:

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Click to meet our current external and internal partners and learn more about what they do. If you’re interested in learning more or working with us on a specific project, contact Dr. Annie Pearce at


Featured Industry Partner:
Construction Industry Institute

Beginning in 2011, the SFI Lab solidified its
working relationship with the Benchmarking
and Metrics Program at the Construction Industry Institute to help CII expand its focus on built environment sustainability and develop a Sustainability Research Network initiative on enterprise logistics and transportation systems. The CII and its member companies worked together with SFI faculty to develop concepts that could lead to funding for a self-sustaining collaboration and expansion of CII’s benchmarking programs into the domain of sustainability.

Dr. Stephen Mulva, Associate Director for Benchmarking and Metrics at CII, bring a strong network and history of existing relationships with industry in the context of benchmarking programs to the partnership. In his position at CII, Mulva’s research focuses on the benchmarking of capital project performance for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, healthcare, transportation, and oil and gas industries.  Mulva is an engineer by training with expertise in program management, benchmarking, data systems, and enterprise sustainability who provides critical links to industry points of contact as well as to leading experts in business and economics. His work in enterprise performance metrics as well as his background with industry best practices provide an important foundation and point of validation for the joint research undertaken by the network.

To learn more about CII’s programs and activities, visit their web site or contact Dr. Stephen Mulva via email to