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At its heart, the SFI Lab is about PEOPLE - the built environment stakeholders we serve, along with we who work together to serve them. Click on any of the categories to meet the people of the SFI Lab and learn more about the work they do.

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Featured Graduate:
Naveen Sadhu, Estimator

Bognet Construction

Washington, DC

Finishing his M.S. in Civil Engineering degree in Fall 2011, Naveen Babu Sadhu worked as a core member of the SFI Research Team throughout his MS degree with a focus on understanding how green building technologies perform over time in actual use. He is posing in the photo with another member of the MLSOC team, Goose Pendleton, at an end-of-semester celebration and sustainable facility tour. His interests include Scheduling, Estimating, Project Management, Sustainability, Green Construction and Project finance. Naveen can be reached via email at


* Construction Project management
* Green Construction
* Sustainability Consulting
* Construction cost estimating
* Green building rating systems (LEED NC, BREEAM)
* Project Estimating
* CPM scheduling
* Primavera
* Netpoint
* Prolog

Recent Graduates

Dr. Sandeep Langar finished his Ph.D. in Environmental Design and Planning in Summer 2013 studying diffusion of sustainable facility innovations. Specifically, his work explored how Building Information Modeling (BIM) influences the likelihood of a designer specifying an innovative technology or strategy associated with facility sustainability.

Dr. Kathleen Short finished her Ph.D. in Environmental Design and Planning in Spring 2013, with research focused on innovative pedagogy through structured internship experiences. Kathleen was a core member of the SLICES research team. Her work explored how participation in structured internship experiences influences the self-efficacy and success of undergraduates in the construction industry.

Dr. Randi Brazeau-Lieberman finished her Ph.D. in the Environmental Engineering program in Spring 2012 by working to understand the energy efficiency and water quality implications of innovative water-related technologies at a residential scale. Her advisor was Dr. Marc Edwards. Email:

Dr. Alireza Bozorgi finished his Ph.D. in Architectural Design in Spring 2012 with work on a new approach to integrating value and uncertainty in sustainable options analysis for real estate investment. His advisor was Dr. Jim Jones. Ali’s dissertation is available online at Email:

Naveen Babu Sadhu finished his M.S. in Civil & Environmental Engineering with a specialty in Construction Engineering and Management in Fall 2011. His research involved understanding the in situ performance of sustainable technologies in existing green buildings, and the unanticipated consequences of interactions between humans and technologies in green buildings. Email:

Jacob Tucker finished his M.S. in Building Construction Science & Management in Fall 2011 with a simultaneous Masters in Business Administration Degree from Virginia Tech. Jake’s research focused on the self-perceived value of broad spectrum green building credentials by practitioners in the AEC industry. His final project report can be downloaded from the Theses, Dissertations, and Student Reports page. Email:

John Laughead finished his M.S. in Building Construction Science & Management in Fall 2011. John’s research focused on understanding the experiences of stakeholders of different types in public planning charrettes. His final report can be downloaded from the Theses, Dissertations, and Student Reports page. Email:

Dr. Yong Han Ahn finished his Ph.D. in Environmental Design and Planning in Spring 2012, with work on understanding the relationship between first costs of sustainable design strategies and total cost of ownership. His advisor was Dr. Annie Pearce. Yong Han is currently on the faculty at East Carolina University. His dissertation is available for download at Email: