Sustainable Facilities
& Infrastructure Lab

Myers-Lawson School of Construction • Virginia Tech


At its heart, the SFI Lab is about PEOPLE - the built environment stakeholders we serve, along with we who work together to serve them. Click on any of the categories to meet the people of the SFI Lab and learn more about the work they do.

To find out how to join us in working toward built environment sustainability, you can learn more at the following links:

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Featured Partner:
Engineering Sustainable Solutions (ESSo) Research Team
Clemson University

The ESSo Research Team, led by Dr. Leidy Klotz in the Department of Civil Engineering at Clemson University’s College of Engineering and Applied Science, collaborates with the SFI Team in multiple ways to improve quality of life for current and future generations through its research and educational work. Current and past collaborations include:
  1. Bullet The Sustainability and Gender in Engineering (SaGE) project, which focuses on understanding the relationships between sustainability in high school education and womens’ decisions to become engaged in engineering as a career. Members of the SFI Team are working with the ESSo Team to provide external evaluation for the project.

  2. Bullet The Michael J. Horman Sustainability Research Symposium, held each year to offer an opportunity for students engaging in sustainability-related research at participating universities to share their experiences and develop relationships. Participating institutions include Virginia Tech, Clemson, and the University of Pittsburgh.

  3. Bullet Incorporating Social Sustainability in Engineering and Construction Education, including a recent study with Dr. Rodolfo Valdes-Vasquez of Colorado State University on students’ conceptual understandings of social sustainability.

  4. Bullet Jointly teaching an online course on Research Methods in Construction and Engineering in collaboration with the Mascaro Sustainability Center at the University of Pittsburgh.